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New lunch concept

G spud is a new lunch concept launched in Brussels, in the Louise area. Spuds is English lingo for potatoes.
This new concept creates a new tasty and healthy lunch food experience. It’s all about the fresh ingredients combined with baked spuds.

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Deliciously healthy branding

1MD jumped in to create the branding and visual communication. From benchmarking, to logo research, to logo conception and identity building. Together with the logo we created main icons to use for the different categories of salade dishes and extra dishes.
It’s all about finding the right balance to get the fresh and healthy G spud spot-on branding.

Fresh visual communication

Next to the identity we also imagined the main menu which is the basis of the lunch experience. The lunch concept is mainly focused on take away, so it’s important to get a clear overview instantly to make a quick & easy choice. For their digital presence, we built a one pager website to give you a deliciously healthy appetizer experience. Now go try it out and enjoy a nice G spud lunch!


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