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Jacques Dutronc Sony Music

You can’t imagine how exited we were when Sony Music asked us to create the “official” website of Jacques Dutronc. “Finally a website I can show to my mother”, Lionel said.

We needed to create a website that is easy to use, but still fun and original. Quite a challenge! We soon had the idea to organize a big blind test. But how do you create such a test online? Shouting the name of the song out loud is useless, since you are alone in front of your computer…



Of course, you could just click on the name of the song as soon as you recognize it. But where’s the fun in that?! We decided to link the songs to visuals. Luckily, the lyrics of Jacques Dutronc are quite famous and rather illustrative, so it worked very well.

We had a great time designing the different visuals for all the songs. 1MD was living at the rhythm of Jaques Dutronc! Georsh even started smoking cigars and he wore his sunglasses all day long. But it was worth it.

It was the first time we intensively used the 3D motion tween engine of Flash CS4, so it took us quite some time to produce all the animations. But then again, we discovered a lot of cool new possibilities.

We’d like to thank Sony Music for giving us a lot of creative freedom, and of course Jacques Dutronc for his talent and his comeback.

We are proud to say that the final result is probably one of the best things we produced at 1MD so far.