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The Best Of The Web #1

The Best Of The Web #1

The Many Faces Of... Alan Rickman or A Lesson on How to be a Villain. Quite funny!

You heard a lot about HTML5 but you don't know exactly what it is and what's new in it? Check that great presentation.

Nivo Slider is probably the Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider! We use it on this website!

Thanks to flashBannerPrince, bannering won't be a nightmare anymore.

You already know My Major Company but do you know MYDORCEL.COM? Same concept but applied to the porn industry!

The most terrific showreel we've seen recently: Nokta .

We really love the navigation and scrollbars of that website!

WTF game of the week: Sydney Shark :-D

Block based destruction effect on video in full HTML5!