From sharing our expertise, to guiding a brand on a creative level, challenging a strategy & reinventing it, revisiting the brand identity or prototyping the concept, we don’t just do it all, we kick ass at it!

  • Creative Side-Kick

    We share our vision and bring the creative twist.

    We are the external fresh eye on your brand, project or plan. We dare to challenge the existing strategies. We bring you food for thought and come up with concrete solutions and plans.

  • Strategic Boost

    We help you to build the digital strategy for your brand.

    Along with defining the best way to communicate with your audience, we help you to make the right choices. We are your creative partner. We have a vision, we share our expertise and we help to put the strategy into practice.

  • Smashing Design

    Our passion for design goes far beyond beautiful imagery.

    We have a purposeful approach to our work that focus on understanding the brands and their needs. We are a team of artists and the digital is our expressive language. We’re obsessed with details that matter and we dare to prototype our ideas and concepts.

  • Striking Workshop

    Digital is a mindset. We share our expertise with you.

    We prepare customized workshops fitting your specific needs, topics or objectives. Learning always needs to be fun and engaging. That’s the only way we do it! When you’re looking for some inspiring and educational entertainment for your team, we make the magic happen!


We are a cohesive and passionate team of creatives - art directors, designers, kick-ass developers, motion-graphics gurus, photographers & sound production wizards. We combine our skills to deliver first-class ideas. And we bring more than 15 years of experience operating within the digital world.

Driven. Persuasive.
And very ambitious.

1MD aka One Million Dollars is an interactive playground created and managed by creatives. We enjoy experimenting and exploring new ways of communication. Every day we develop ideas or products we believe in. So If you're looking for something outside the box, or need a kick-ass strategy for pushing your brand digitally, here we are. Want to rework your visual identity? Need an incredibly efficient advertising campaign? How about a totally disruptive video, mobile app or game? Get us in.


1MD | One million dollars

19 Avenue des Volontaires
1160 Brussels - Belgium
+32 27334860